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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, an EXPERIENCE is worth 100,000! Getting together with other like-minded people has distinct advantages over sitting in front of a computer screen. If you are reading this you probably appreciate early Americana and the events that celebrate our past. For the past 12 years, we have also let you know about the vintage trailer events that we host in California. We find that people who enjoy the vintage lifestyle and appreciate old cars, are also admirers of the trailers and vice versa.

For many car shows, you need to have a car that fits the parameter of the show. If you wanted to camp at a vintage trailer rally, they have had similar restrictions, typically the Year Of Manufacturer. We have hosted the Trailerfest rallies for almost a decade and are mindful of the large number of vintage lifestyle admirers that DO NOT own a vintage trailer. Until now, they have only been able to attend an “Open House”. We have always invited classic car owners into our event before Open House starts if they stay until Open House is over. The cars park among the vintage trailers and the car owners can EXPERIENCE mid-century camping at its best.

In order to accommodate even more people, we have reserved even more sites and are now able to accommodate non-vintage RV owners at some of the events we host. We are still grouping the vintage trailers in their own “Vintage Village” and placing the newer trailers in their own space. Being inclusive is the spirit of camping and creating “Vintage Inspired Campouts” is sure to welcome new families into the hobby while still revering the vintage coaches. The only requirement is that you appreciate the vintage lifestyle and play well with others.

An “Open House” house is a part of our “Vintage Trailer Rallies” or “Vintage Inspired Campouts”. The public is welcomed into the campground to tour the trailers and visit with trailer owners. Our open houses are from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. This year we have rallies in San Dimas, Hollister, and Plymouth, CA. 

Non-vintage trailer owners also attend our “Restoration Learning Experience”, VCT Boot Camp. Each year, the first weekend in March, restores, owners and dreamers, meet in Hollister, CA to learn restoration techniques from the pros. Seminars cover everything from woodworking, paint, electrical and solar to interior design, project planning and sewing. We are hounded for videos or books of this event, but we cannot duplicate the EXPERIENCE you will have when you come. If you don’t own a vintage trailer yet, Boot Camp will educate you on what you are getting yourself into. If you already have a project, you will appreciate the insights of the presenters that restore for a living. See for more information.

Whether it is car shows, or vintage trailer rallies, we encourage you to abandon that computer screen and get out to an event and EXPERIENCE the sights, sounds, smells, and personalities you’ll find when you are surrounded by friends. 

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