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Boot Camp 2022

Denver Modernism Week 2022

Denver, CO 80222
United States

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Event Dates and Times
Friday August 19, 2022
Saturday August 20, 2022
Sunday August 21, 2022
Monday August 22, 2022
Tuesday August 23, 2022
Wednesday August 24, 2022
Thursday August 25, 2022
Friday August 26, 2022
Saturday August 27, 2022
Sunday August 28, 2022
An annual event series to celebrate Denver's historic modern architecture and design and to inspire a return to human-centered architecture in our city. August 19-28, 2022

Following the model of Palm Spring Modernism Week, which for years has been raising awareness of the architecture and design talent there, we created an event series where great mid-century modern design can be experienced in a more profound and personal way than as pages in a book or images on a screen. By partnering with local businesses, institutions, neighborhoods, and non-profits that are all stakeholders in our history, we hope that preservation through education (and celebration) will prevail.
Boot Camp 2022
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